The Heart Begins Here 
(Inanna Publications October 2018)

Life and death in a feminist bookstore!

Intrigue among the bookshelves!

Disastrous poetry readings!

Financial woes!

Murder in the community!

Will Sara’s bookstore survive the times? What about her disintegrating relationship with Wanda? The education of a small, independent bookstore owner coming out and trying to hold it all together.

The Last Sigh
(Fifth House 1993)

A mystery that moves between late 15th-century and modern-day Spain while also examining Canadian culture and identity.


Zsuzsi Gartner in Quill & Quire wrote that this novel establishes Dumas “as a writer of great imagination and range.”

Madeleine & the Angel
(Fifth House 1989)

An examination of domestic abuse in a claustrophobic family in 1950s franco-Alberta.


  • Winner of the Georges Bugnet Award for best Alberta novel

  • Finalist for the Books in Canada best first novel award


Quill & Quire:

the book ranks “right up there with the best of playwright Michel Tremblay for its French-Canadian rhythms, range of emotion, and humour.”

And I’m Never Coming Back      (Annick Press 1986)

Louise wants to run away, but how can she when she’s not allowed to cross the street by herself?

Global Focus Workbook:

Integrated Skills through Cultural Events (Oxford University Press 2012)

Complements Global Focus by Gary G. Fogal by providing extra practice in academic vocabulary, grammar, and writing.