Bookstore Moments

Jill McIvor and Jacqui Dumas opened Aspen Books on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton in 1977 and sold it in 1985. In those 8 years the store hosted many book launches and author readings, some of which are pictured below.

Timothy Findley
W. O. Mitchell
Sandra Birdsell, Merna Summers and Elizabeth Smart
Sandra Birdsell and Charles Hilton
Roch Carrier and Guy Vanderhaeghe
Peter Gzowski
Pauline Gedge
Myrna Kostash
Mort Ross, Sam Selvon
Monty Reid, Jon Whyte, E. D. Blodgett
Matt Cohen, Greg Hollingshead and Stephen Scobie, Douglas Barbour
Matt Cohen and Louise Wayman
Merna Summers, Inge Vermeulen, Rudy Wiebe and Cora Taylor
Lois Simmie
Margaret Atwood
Lynn Johnston
Helen Forrester (aka June Bhatia) and Avadh Bhatia
Leonard Cohen signing Book of Mercy
Evie Mandel and Margaret Atwood
Elizabeth Smart and Alice Munro
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Identifying a need for a community space that focused on feminist and other progressive issues, Jacqui Dumas opened Orlando Books on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton in 1993. A few of the many enjoyable events hosted by the bookstore are featured below. The store closed in 2002.

Sally Ito & family
Paula Gunn Allen
Women of Edmonton's Left Bank
Theresa Shea and Eunice Scarfe
Taste This
Steven Ross Smith and Sue Goyette
Sharon Batt
Pride Week Quartet
Olive Senior
Olga Costopoulos
Nicole Brossard
Lorie Miseck
Lisa Robertson
Kristjana Gunnars
Jenny Kelly
Jacqui Dumas and Marna Bunnell
Janice Williamson
Kay Stewart and Sean Stewart
Ashok Mathur
Di Brandt
Gilbert Bouchard and Daphne Marlatt
Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas (aka Maureen Irwin and Michael Phair)
Tom Wayman
Cori Brewster
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Pauline Gedge