© 2018 by Jacqueline Dumas. 

(Inanna Publications 2018)

Life and death in a feminist bookstore! Intrigue among the bookshelves! Disastrous poetry readings! Financial woes! Murder in the community! Will Sara’s bookstore survive the times? What about her disintegrating relationship with Wanda? The education of a small, independent bookstore owner coming out and trying to hold it all together.


This is the story of the earnest, ever-optimistic Sara Requier and her disintegrating seven-year relationship with the cynical Wanda Wysoka. Along with her relationship struggles and the drastic changes in the book industry, Sara must also contend with a mother who refuses to accept her daughter’s lesbianism. And what about the murder of Wanda’s new, younger lover? How will Sara and Wanda handle that?


The story takes place in a western Canadian city in the shadow of the disturbing political climate that followed the 9-11 attacks in 2001. The novel explores themes of love and loss, of the lingering effects of childhood, of personal and societal homophobia, of misogyny, and most notably: the challenge of integrating the personal with the political.


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“With a wry humour and deft powers of observation, Jacqueline Dumas explores the denouement of two love relationships – one between two women, the other between a bookseller and her beloved bookshop. The Heart Begins Here is a warm and eloquent tale that shows that collisions between hope and despair may lead to new kinds of peace. “       

                             – Mary W. Walters